Information for oral and poster presentations

Oral Presentations

Presentations should last a maximum of 20 minutes, including 5 minutes for discussion. Please note, that there will be no time for discussion if your presentation is 20 minutes. Please do not extend the prescribed presentation time to enable the synchronization of parallel sessions and to avoid any inconvenience for the presenters who follow.


There are appropriate audiovisual systems in the lecture rooms. Please transfer your presentations in time to the computer provided in the respective lecture room. Please note that privately owned computers can not be used for security reasons.

The following guidelines apply for transferring your data to the computers in the repective lecture room:

1. For presentations on Monday morning: data must be transferred before 9am

2. All other Presentations: data must be transferred by 5:30pm on the previous day

The presentations should be available on a storage device (USB stick or CD) in pdf format (compatible with Acrobat Reader) or PowerPoint (compatibel with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010). The aspect ratio is 4:3.

Poster presentations

The poster session for Main Topics S1, S2 and S4, as well as for the sessions  AR, BL, GD, GE, GF, SO and UI will take place on Tuesday afternoon. Posters for the Main Topic S3 as well as the sessions  EM, GO, MA, MG, MI, and SE will be presented on Wesdnesday afternoon. There will be no other sessions or presentations during the poster presentation. Posters should be in DIN-A0 portrait format. It is recommended to provide hand-outs in format A4 for interested persons. One of the authors must be present in front of his/her poster during the session. Drawing pins will be provided at the conference office. The posters of the presentation on Tuesday can be put up from Monday morning on and must be removed by one of the authors directly after the poster session on Tuesday. The posters for the presentation on Wednesday can be put up from Wednesday morning on and must be removed by Thursday afternoon by one of the authors.