Plenary Lectures

Plenary lectures on the main topics will give an overview on current research areas. Lectures take 45 minutes and will take place at the Gaede lecture hall. They are directed at all participants.


Time  Lecturer Titel of lecture

Monday, 10th March
01:00 pm

 Thomas Kohl

Claim for seismic "weathern forecasting" and comprehensive data investigation for geothermal projects

Tuesday, 11th March
01:30 pm

 Colin Devey
(Geomar, Kiel)
Ocean Spreading - is the present the key for the past?

Wednesday, 12th March
01:30 pm

 Thomas Braun
(INGV, Arezzo, Italy)

Das Gerichtsverfahren zum L'Aquila-Beben: Auf der Suche nach Gerechtigkeit...

Thursday, 13th March
01:30 pm

 Reiner Rummel
(TU Munic)
Satellitengravimetrie: Versuch einer Zwischenbilanz